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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

In Chancellor Academy’s Curriculum, New Jersey's Standards are used to guide instruction and prepare students for the challenges they will face in the future.


These standards are individually implemented as determined by the student’s Individual Education Plan. Please view the department-specific program information below for more detailed information regarding our offerings.

Language Arts/Literacy

Chancellor Academy’s English Language Arts curriculum includes instruction in Reading and Remedial Reading, Basics Skills English, College Preparatory English, Creative Writing, and Literature. English teachers prepare students to demonstrate satisfactory reading and writing skills on New Jersey state assessments, Achieve 3000, and the PSAT/SAT. 


Chancellor Academy implements a number of recognized remedial reading and writing programs.

Reading instructors provide individual and small group instruction to increase decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, research and writing skills.

As students progress, they develop competence in the areas of reading critically, paragraph and essay writing, creative writing, conducting research, listening, oral expression, vocabulary usage, and editing. 


Chancellor Academy’s Mathematics curriculum includes instruction in Basic Math, General Math, Practical Math, Business Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Advanced Mathematics, Pre-Calculus, and Integrated Mathematics.

Mathematics teachers prepare students to demonstrate satisfactory mathematical skills, as assessed by the New Jersey State Assessments and the PSAT/SAT. 

In addition to traditional textbooks and supplements, teachers use multi-sensory approaches that incorporate technology and hands-on projects focused on real-life applications. 

All science classes at Chancellor Academy focus on active student involvement, hands-on experimental activity, and mastering the Scientific Method. Students will receive a well-rounded education in all necessary scientific areas. Chancellor Academy's science curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.


Chancellor Academy’s Science curriculum includes instruction in the following:

Earth Science

Physical Science

Biological Science

Environmental Science

Marine Science

The Sciences

The Arts

Students express their creative ideas through the use of a variety of methods and materials.  Students are encouraged to experiment and develop their own techniques and new approaches to traditional methods and to develop a personal style. Students engage in art contests, outside field trips and multisensory art activities in order to develop such skills.  Students explore the visual arts through field trips consisting of museums and theatre shows. Students also have the opportunity to learn the art of self-expression through cultivating and honing their skills in one of Chancellor Academy's many music class offerings. Students learn to play music, sharpen their singing abilities, learn audio engineering and audio recording, and learn music history and theory.


History & Social Studies

In Social Studies, World Cultures, Global Studies, and World History students examine, at varying levels, their own culture and history and compare and contrast it with the culture and history of other peoples and nations. This is done through hands-on activities, introducing indigenous products, art, music, and foods. Map reading and geography skills are also stressed. 


World History expands on Social Studies, World Culture, and Global Studies by examining the detailed history of specific nations and areas of the world. In U.S. History I and II, students develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the freedom and traditions and the rights and responsibilities of an American.


A variety of instructional methods are used, such as: reading, written assignments, class discussions, films/documentaries, and problem solving exercises in which students to relate to historical facts and tie them into their present day experiences.


Computers & Technology

Chancellor Academy maintains three comprehensive computer labs featuring thirty state of the art computers with the associated hardware, software and high speed internet access needed to provide a secure, safe and effective learning environment. Students obtain the technical expertise to confidently use the Google Suite, Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets), Word (word processing), and PowerPoint (presentations). All students are furnished with a cutting-edge Chromebook for the purposes of their education and assignments. In addition , all of our classrooms are outfitted with large-screen monitors to assist in lesson presentation and many of our classrooms utilize iPads for instruction, assignment drafting and completion, research, etc. Students also learn how to effectively and ethically use the internet for research.  


Physical Education

The development of heightened self-awareness and self-confidence, as well as personal fitness and wellness, is a goal of the Physical Education, Health, and Athletic programs at Chancellor Academy. Students explore a variety of individual, group, and team sports. Chancellor Academy joins other private special education schools in organized leagues for volleyball, basketball, softball and soccer. Interscholastic sports afford students the opportunity to develop and practice teamwork, individual competition and to interact on a positive social level, yielding emotional growth.  Knowledge of the rules, cooperation, sportsmanship, and safe equipment usage are stressed.  The development of heightened self-awareness and self-confidence, as well as, the recognition of personal fitness needs are goals of the Chancellor Academy Physical Education program.


World Languages

Our World Language Program (Spanish) is designed to introduce students to a basic communication course that provides the necessary tools to communicate orally and in writing, as well as to acquire knowledge and an appreciation of the Spanish/Hispanic culture.  Students will gain confidence in communication in Spanish by using the skills that they acquire to read and translate historical and cultural passages.



In Chancellor Academy Health classes, students engage in group discussions related to their instructional reading.  Understanding, positive decision-making, and effective communication are stressed in the areas of Nutrition,  Drugs and Alcohol,  Family Living, Overall Wellness,  building a Stronger Self-Image, and Driver’s Education.


Double Specials & Electives

All 11th and 12th grade students select one of several innovative and specialized courses of study related to their specific interests.  These specialized courses include:

Advanced Art I & II,

Marine Science I & II,

Environmental Science/Horticulture I & II,

Building Maintenance, & Advanced Music I & II


Our electives are an exciting and engaging way for our students to pursue their interests, or partake in a new one. New electives are constantly developed to promote the personal, social, emotional, and academic growth of our students. Our Electives include:

Robotics and Programming

Computers & Technology



Building Trades Exploration


Digital Photography


Driver’s Ed

Film Study

Horticulture/ Greenhouse

Academic Achievement

Flag Football

Weight Training

Animal Care

Audio Engineering

Digital Music

Instrumental Music

Odyssey of the Mind

Video Production

Yearbook/ Newsletter

Recreational Sports




Strategy Development

Work-Based Learning/WBL

Print Production

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