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"My son's counselor is outstanding. He goes above and beyond and has made a huge impact in the most positive way. His teachers are helpful and patient. I could not be happier with my son's progress since attending Chancellor Academy.” 


                          - Lynore, 2020


Teacher Helping Student
Students Writing on Board

Chancellor Academy made me believe in school again. If I hadn’t found Chancellor Academy years ago, and if they hadn’t helped me grow as much as I have as a person, I truly believe that I would not be graduating high school. I owe Chancellor Academy a debt that can never be paid."

"R", a 2015 Graduate

Chancellor Academy has helped my son realize that he has academic potential. The teachers and staff are the best partners to our son and our family in his academic journey. The team at Chancellor understands the unique nature of every child.

- The Parent of a 2019 Graduate

Our daughter has grown and learned so many new life skills within the short period of time she has been with Chancellor. We believe the staff and student to be some of the most kind and supportive around. Chancellor Academy feels like a family. They have taught our daughter real life lessons and how to work through her emotions. What they teach can be taken out into the real world. They are flexible and supportive. 

- A Parent, 2020

Everyone at Chancellor Academy has been kind and supportive of our grandson. They really care about their students. 

- Daniel, A Guardian

My counselor helped me to learn a lot of things about myself, especially how I can achieve things I never thought I could, be confident during times I normally wouldn’t, and cope with upsetting situations that normally would have made me shut down or lash out. My counselor took so much time working patiently with me, helping me in any way I needed it. I never felt judged. The counselors at Chancellor Academy are the best. I never thought I would be where I am now and my counselor helped me to get to where I am. I have skills that I can use for the rest of my life now and I will never forget them."

"O", a 2015 Graduate

Chancellor Academy approached me in ways that no other school ever did. They put in the time and effort to get to know me as a person, not just who I was based on my reputation in my past schools. The great thing about them is that they get to know you for who you are on the inside, they saw what no one else did, and they showed me my potential. They helped me believe that I could change and helped me to actually do it."

"M," a 2015 Graduate

I had never liked school until I found Chancellor Academy. They showed me that school could be a place that I could look forward to coming to every day. Now, instead of avoiding school, I wake up every morning excited to go. This isn’t just because of the lessons, but it’s also because of the staff who supports me every day. I’ve built relationships with them all."

"M," a 2015 Graduate

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